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Nature Necklace

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Seductive, beautifully bright, emotionally intense !

All handcrafted, the ANDINA jewels offer a whole range of unique rings, bracelets, pendents and earrings. All of genuine Colombian origin, our emeralds are delicately set in original silver mounts whose design is inspired by various shapes, such as the hexagon whose six sides are not unlike the crystals of emerald itself.

Nature Necklace

Silver pendant 925/1000, rhodium

A Colombian emerald, round faceted approx. 2.7 mm in diameter

Black nylon cord

As symbols of elegance, our jewels make a beautiful magical blend of emerald and silver which will complément your personality!

The photograph is an example of the product. Each ANDINA jewel is made by hand and has unique features. Each emerald presents shapes, various tones of colour and imperfections related to the nature of the stone itself

Hallmark of an exceptional gem, the emerald is our masterpiece

The ANDINA collection is an exclusive new concept presenting a line of jewels all set with noble emeralds certified of Colombian origin. Created and assembled in Colombia by a group of local craftsmen, the ANDINA jewels combine the precious beauty of emerald with the design of silver bracelets, necklaces and sets of jewels all handcrafted in shapes of appealing elegance. Thanks to our presence on the mining sites and close collaboration with our partners, we have the privilege to offer a set of sublimely authentic collector's jewels at very affordable prices to discerning gem enthusiasts.

An extraordinary journey

On these roads you will have the opportunity to experience pure and dazzling nature : a forest brimming with life, a sanctuary for orchids, hummingbirds, emerald toucans, the renowned morpho-butterfly with its electric-blue colour, and crystal waterfalls.

On the roads of Colombia, making your way to the emerald mines, you will discover enchanted landscapes in the very heart of the Andes mountains.



An expertise confirmed by experience

Student at the University of Nantes (France), David Goubert obtained his academic diploma of gemology in 2012. He has passions and ambitions. In order to further his scientific and technical expertise he travel, to the great mining sites in Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia and Colombia. There, on the very sites of extraction and exploitation of gemstones, he become familiar with every detail pertaining to the trade by taking a daily active part in the work.  In close contact with mining industry and gemstone marketing professionals as well as with jewel and jewelry artisans, he acquire a sum of knowledge which enables him to master the technology of creating and crafting inspired jewelry. Today, with the launching of the ANDINA jewelry line, David Goubert is causing a sensation in the world of fashion and design.

The birth of the jewel

When emerald and silver are combined to give birth to an utterly seductive masterpiece of harmony, they make a perfect couple. Both originate from the legendary mountains of the Colombian Andes. Solid silver is a marvellous complement to the star-like brilliance of our precious emerald. The result is pure magic !

The art of cutting, the emerald’s completion

A precious stone more precious than all others, the emerald demands to be cut by confirmed master gemcutters. Theirs is the most delicate task of shaping the emerald by cutting clear flat sides so as to protect it against any impact and provide it with the style and the perfect aspect of the jewel which has so long been admired.

In the heart of the magic world of emeralds

From antiquity to the modern age, fascination for emeralds has survived all fashion trends.  Could its distinctive green colour,  symbolizing love, hope, renewal and youth, be the source of its powerful attraction?  Extracted from bedrock, a treasure of the mineral world, the emerald’s lure is the stuff of legends.

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